Investment Opportunities


SEG is a private holding company facilitating renewable energy projects through its affiliated companies including PN Solar and International Solar Utilities (“ISU”).  SEG uses its contacts in various countries to bring projects into those countries to improve the quality of life for people.  Though SEG has its financial partners for project development there are several opportunities for qualified private investors to invest in SEG or its affiliated projects.


Foundations are now able to make investments into ISU.  ISU is launching a new platform whereby for every $1,000.00 USD that a foundation invests in ISU, ISU will provide a complete solar panel system to a person in need.  The solar panel system will be able to supply the annual electricity needs of that person for up to 30 years at no cost.  ISU’s goal is to deliver up to 10,000 free solar panel systems to people whose lives would be improved as a result of solar electricity.

For more information concerning current investment opportunities please contact:

Ms. Annie Herold, Chief Financial Officer of SEG at or Mr. Mahmood Mufti, Chief Executive Officer of SEG at


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