Country-Specific Benefits

The long-term economic benefits associated with governments engaging PN Solar for solar panel manufacturing not only include enhanced power generation capabilities, they also include other benefits for their citizens.

Direct in-country PN Solar solar panel manufacturing facilities create stable, long-term jobs that employees can retire from. Potential jobs include:

  • Project Development (Consulting, Site Preparation, Construction)
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Assembly Line Personnel
  • Technicians, Operators, Linemen, etc.
  • Executive and Administrative Staff
  • Accounting Staff
  • Research and Development (including wind technology and water purification technology) Staff
  • Cafeteria Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Sales and Marketing Staff

Indirect employment opportunities, including:

  • Local consulting in engineering, financial, research, etc.
  • Local manufacturers and suppliers of components
  • Transportation of materials and finished goods

Additional benefits include:

  • In-country PN Solar manufacturing plants facilitate international trade of solar panels and reduces reliance on imported solar panels
  • Countries with PN Solar facilities will gain hi-tech images and brands since the manufactured PV solar panels will be used to provide electricity to other countries and improve their economies.
  • Export of solar panels enables governments to generate additional revenue
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