ISU is an Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) and its operating model in Africa and Latin America involves developing utility-scale solar parks whose electricity will be purchased by governments pursuant to 20 to 30 year Power Purchase Agreements.

ISU is currently engaged in solar park projects in:

ISU Bolivia
ISU Bolivia is being formed to develop several PV solar parks to supply electricity to Bolivia.  ISU’s pre-feasibility analysis for Bolivia commenced in May 2013 and is ongoing. Bolivia’s current electricity infrastructure is composed of a national grid and four independent micro-grids.  ISU Bolivia is working to supply electricity to all four national grids using PV solar power.  Bolivia currently has a 1,645MW generating capacity to serve a 10 million people population and this capacity is 700MW short of meeting demand.  ISU has identified sites near Santa Cruz, Warnes, Cotoca, and Montero, which are connected to the national grid, for solar park development. Additional sites will be identified during in Q3 of 2015.

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ISU Dominican
ISU Dominican has been formed in Santo Domingo with the purpose of developing 200MW of utility scale PV solar parks.  ISU conducted a pre-feasibility analysis in the Dominican Republic from February 2012 to October 2013. The pre-feasibility analysis covered the 310 miles area from Pedernales, located on the western border of the country, to Punta Cana in the east. The Dominican Republic has one interconnected national grid. Based on the pre-feasibility analysis, ISU Dominican is planning to develop up to twenty 10MW PV solar parks for a combined generating capacity of 200MW. The solar parks will be strategically located in the area between Pedernales and Punta Cana near the cities of Pedernales, Barahona, Punta Cana, Boca Chica, La Romana and Sanato Domingo. The development period for the solar parks in the Dominican Republic is estimated at five years and approximately 800 acres of land will be leased from the government and private land owners to develop the solar parks.  The solar parks are expected to generate an estimated 360GWh of solar electricity per year.

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ISU Georgia, USA
ISU Georgia will be formed in the State of Georgia in the United States and will develop a 75MW utility scale PV solar park in Georgia.  ISU is working with State of Georgia to allocate 300 acres of land to ISU for the development of a 75MW PV solar park in Conyers, Georgia, which is approximately 20 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.  The site is a State-designated special purpose zone and was previously used for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The solar park will be developed using 206,000 mono-crystalline solar panels. The solar park will be connected to transmission lines that will supply electricity to serve the Atlanta metropolitan area. The 75MW solar park in Georgia will generate over 65GWh of electricity every year.  The property has passed pre-feasibility analysis and will undergo final feasibility analysis in 2015.  ISU is working with Georgia Electric, a private regional utility and electricity distributor in Georgia, on negotiating a PPA for the sale of the electricity generated by the Georgia solar park.

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ISU Ghana
ISU Ghana has proposed the development of a 400MW solar park and 400MW thermal plant to provide a stable and consistent 400MW power output throughout the day and night to the Ministry of Power in Ghana.  ISU’s Pre-Feasibility Team conducted a two year pre-feasibility analysis for Ghana between February 2013 and December 2014 and significant on-ground assessments were performed. The areas assessed in Ghana included the Greater Accra Region, Central Region, and Western Region (geographically, the region extending east from Sekondi-Takoradi to Tema), which together constitute approximately half of Ghana’s population of 27 million people.  A 100MW solar park is being planned for Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape Coast, Winneba and Tema.  The solar parks will use Sun-tracking systems to track the sun throughout the day with approximately 35 miles between each solar park site. This strategic configuration will provide for a more stable power delivery output during the day because while some solar parks may be covered with clouds other solar parks will be in full operation and can compensate for the solar parks that are temporarily generating less power.  If the full project is approved by the Ministry of Power ISU Ghana will provide 4TWh of electricity per year to Ghana.

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ISU Mexico
ISU Mexico is being formed to developed several 100MW solar parks to supply power to the southern national grid of Mexico.  ISU is in the process of conducting a pre-feasibility analysis for solar park sites in Mexico which has been ongoing since July 2013.  Mexico’s national grid is divided into a northern grid and a southern grid, which are not connected and operate independently. The northern grid is connected to the western grid of the United States and electricity is imported from the United States to meet the demand load for Mexico’s northern grid. Mexico’s southern grid is not connected to any other grids and suffers from a 3,000MW generation shortage based on current demand. Based on ISU’s pre-feasibility analysis of Mexico’s grids, ISU is planning to supply electricity to the southern grid and is analyzing sites near Monterrey, Zacatecas, and Fresnillo for utility scale PV solar park development.   Monterrey is the industrial hub of Mexico and requires an additional 1,500MW of electricity in order to meet the city’s current demand loads.  ISU Mexico is planning to develop two 100MW solar parks to serve the Monterrey area, a 100MW solar park is planned for 30 miles east of Monterrey and another 100MW solar park is planned for 80 miles south of Monterrey.  The solar parks are expected to supply approximately 560GWh of electricity per year to the southern national grid.

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