Target Markets

The overall purpose of ISU’s solar energy projects is to provide electricity to populations who have suffered from inadequate electricity. The number of people living today who have an unreliable or even absent source of electricity is astounding. People living in such environments cannot satisfy their basic human needs, let alone contribute to the development of their nations. Bringing electricity to such populations will drastically improve people’s quality of life and promote economic development, as well.

By producing best-in-class solar panels, PN Solar will aid governments in need of stable electricity by directly supplying panels to their various solar parks. Through SEG’s unique model, PN Solar will supply solar panels to International Solar Utilities (ISU), and ISU will build utility-scale solar parks to provide electricity to countries national grids in the most cost effective way.

To directly support utility-scale solar park development in countries engaged with SEG, PN Solar will develop in-country solar panel manufacturing facilities. These facilities will produce the panels for the solar parks using in-country resources, which will, in turn, stimulate their economies, create long-term jobs, foster nationalistic pride, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

SEG is currently focusing its development efforts in Africa and Latin America because:

  • solar radiation is more abundant due to the solstice rotation of the earth
  • many African and Latin American regions are in desperate need of energy infrastructure
  • demand for electricity far exceeds supply
  • current power generating infrastructure does not reach many populations
  • more than 140 countries comprise Africa and Latin America and the majority of them have resorted to load-shedding to address electricity shortages
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